Testimonial from Matt

I have been a regular patron of the Delta Meadowvale for the past 6 years. I stay at the Meadowvale between fifty and one hundred nights per year, and have always found the quality of the service and the staff very professional and accommodating. It is clearly that commitment to service excellence that brings me back to the Delta Hotel Chain not only in Mississauga, but in other cities across Canada as well.

Over the course of the past year, I have come to find a similar commitment to quality and professionalism in the services of Citizen Limousine Services Inc… I use their services each and every week when I come to Toronto and find Freddy and John to be punctual, efficient, extremely professional and very pleasant to deal with.

As a business traveler who is on the go each and every week, the services that both of your companies provide can make my travel less stressful, and indeed more pleasant. It is very nice to leave the front door of your hotel, and be received by a limousine service that picks up that commitment to quality service and deliver me to my next location.

I would highly recommend Freddy and John in their endeavor to be a more strategic carrier for the patrons of the Meadowvale, and I wish them well in this undertaking.

Matt Davison
Halifax, N.S.