Airport Limousine Services

to and from the airport in comfort

To and from all airports in Ontario and New York state. Delivering the best in meet and greet, pick up and drop off, and prearranged airport services.


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Pick up & drop off Service

Here are the official websites of the major airports we service:



Meet & Greet Service

Meet and Greet Service is available when you require personal assistance or would like someone to meet you when arriving at the airport.


Prearranged Airport

Arrival Procedures for Toronto Pearson International Airport


Should you require assistance, there are uniformed airport employees at each arrivals platform, simply ask for directions to the “PREARRANGED LIMOUSINE” area.

  1. Pick up your luggage.
  2. Proceed through customs to the arrivals platform outside.
  3. Go to the “PREARRANGED LIMOUSINE” area
  4. Give the commissioner your name and say you have a prearranged limousine waiting from Citizen Limousine Services Inc.
  5. Wait for your car to arrive, will take about a minute.
  6. The commissioner will radio the compound and have your car paged (Cars must wait in the prearrange parking compound area until called).

If your flight arrives after 12:00 midnight, the commissionaire may not be present. In this case, please contact us and we will send your car from the compound right away.

Area Locations

  • Terminal 1
    Exit Terminal 1 at the arrivals platform.
    Follow the “Prearranged Limousine” sign to Door “A” outside.
  • Terminal 3
    Exit Terminal 3 at the arrivals platform.
    Follow the “Prearranged Limousine” sign to Door “A”, Post “7” outside.

Airport Arrivals

Expect the best at Citizen Limousine Services Inc.


  • If your flight is delayed, we usually know ahead of time and adjust the pickup time accordingly.
  • If you are delayed inside the terminal, e.g. lost luggage, customs, contact us immediately.
  • All cars are required to wait until customers arrive “NO SHOW” or “WAIT” charges may apply.
  • If your car does not arrive 5 minutes after the commissioner has it paged, contact us immediately.
  • If you have rescheduled, missed or canceled your flight, contact us immediately.


Please Contact us for details and pricing.